February 9, 2012

with good intentions

This is my sketchbook for the sketchbook project . . .
*true confessions*
. . . it didn't make the deadline . . . 

. . . midway through working on it  
I realized I had made the cover too large to meet the requirements . . . 

. . . my plan was to recover it once the pages were finished . . .

 . . . I hadn't realized how fat the book was getting. . . 

. . .  pages would have to be removed for it to qualify. . .

. . . I wasn't going to like taking pages out . . .

. . . so I didn't . . . 

. . . It will stay as is . . .

 I'm keeping it.

. . . 
And yes, I've been very busy with quilt work
. . .

Thanks for stopping by.

February 1, 2012

holiday archives

After having a computer malfunction and loosing loads of pictures... I vowed to be better organized
in the picture housekeeping department.  
Well, okay, so it's only 6 months later and I'm just getting started

But isn't it hard to organize photos?  you tend to want to look at all of them. . .  time passes, nothing is sorted and you are right back where you started.
-anyway, in doing just that-
I found some photos of great quilts. . . .
This is Deb's quilt.
She made it for her son, 
I quilted it,
  she gifted at

It's all hexagons and she used only one print fabric.
You can see the main fabric in the mini border.

The cubes are batik fabrics.
Her color choices are perfect.
It's so cool how the cubes are so dimensional looking.

Deb wanted circles in the center and lines in the border, so that is what we designed.

I'm not exactly sure how many hexagons are in this quilt,
 but I do know, no two are alike, that's pretty amazing
-and a lot of work!-

Deb's son, who she gifted this quilt to, is an artist.
He is showing his art in Boston for the month of February, 2012.
He goes by the street artist's name Nanook and you can find info on the gallery show by clicking

(having trouble getting my link to work try this