October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Day!

Quilted silk with silk threads inspired by harvest drawings in my sketchbook.

The fabric is a light weight silk remnant I picked out of a clearance bin.  
Originally, I thought I'd paint it with bright colors and quickly realized it was just too sheer. 
 I rust dyed it instead.
It then became the perfect fabric for my harvest thread sketch.

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October 20, 2012

coloring nature with fabrics

A few days this past week were just too nice to pass up, 
so we set out on foot.

I sure was glad to have my camera.  Inspiration for this little work came from the above photo.  

 It was fun to play around with my scraps of stuff 
...wool, cheesecloth, silks, different threads...

While we were out and I was puttering around taking pictures of some cool looking nature,
I found him waiting on the granite bench.

Actually, I put him there.
He was working.  
I'm training him and hopefully he can become a visiting therapy dog.
He's still gottalotta puppy in him tho.

In other news-
because I've been so remiss on my blog housekeeping;
I'm going to challenge myself to
-No Days Off November-
which will be a post everyday in November.

We'll see how I do... I have a few days to get ramped up for it, anyway.

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