February 28, 2009


Eternity is the result of a Guild challenge a few years ago. The challenge: A Novel Idea, we were required to create a quilt which we felt was representational of any book we had read. At the time I had recently finished the book Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The book was written, I believe, in 1955 and I was intrigued by it's timelessness. Lindbergh's writings about women could have been about the women of the 2000's.... Her writings have nothing to do with a peacock, but items from the sea. However, the peacock has been linked to the concept of eternity. I used the peacock for it's symbol of eternity, not in the theological sense but of the inspiration, strength and wisdom we receive from women around us, before us and what we give to women after us.

We were given the fabric you see in her tail feathers and I think the green of her side feather.... or maybe it was the burgundy on her back. I can't remember. I needle turn appliqued her and each of her feathers. I used that funky fiber yarn/thread; cut each piece, stitched it through and knotted it on the back. Certainly there was an easier way! I was obsessed at the time... it happens.

The flowers and tree were needle turned with added embroidery. The flowers were beaded and she was quilted with clear thread on my Bernina. Eternity currently hangs in the dining area of my kitchen and I enjoy seeing her everyday.
This year's challenge is anything Butterfly. No rules- other than the piece can be no larger than 36" on any side and has to have at least one butterfly. I seem to be fascinated with all things with wings, so I am eager to get started. I have the MOST beautiful blue, hand dyed piece of fabric I will be using in the background. I have a few things which need to be finished before I can begin. In the meantime I will just paw at my pretty blue fabric and try not to drool on it. Sorry that's gross, but I adore it.
For now....
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February 20, 2009

Secret Valentine Revealed!

~Sent by my Secret Valentine~

Guild member Betty Lou sent me this beautifully crafted quilt. Oh - I wish I had her precision to match my corners and points... The delicious shades of pink did not go unnoticed nor did the teensy weensy hand quilted stitching in the hearts. I adore it.

Each year the Guild I belong to hosts a Secret Valentine Swap. Member's names are put into a basket, once all names are safely into the basket each participant secretly draws a new name. We generally do the the draw at the January meeting, but this year we gave ourselves an extra month and drew in December. After receiving your Secret Valentine name you have until exactly February 14th to deliver your gift to her- it is taboo to deliver after the 14th. Gifts can be anything deemed appropriate for your Valentine and delivery can be mailed or hand delivered (secretly of course.)

The February meeting is when the Secret Valentines are revealed. Sitting in a circle we go from receiver to sender to receiver to sender and so on..... each participant has a story to share while she shows her gift. It is always an entertaining meeting with beautiful work and stories. If your Guild is looking for new activities and traditions, this would surely be a hit.

The odd occurrence of cell phones ringing during the meeting was uncanny. I think 10 phones rang in the span of maybe a half hour..... It was funny. Each ring was as different as it's owner. We are women out for the night with families at home, but constantly connected in one way or another. The cell phone is a sign of the times.

Hence, more cell phone purses.

Enjoy the weekend.

February 17, 2009

Catching Up

Aren't these colors great? I loved quilting this.

I love the contrast of white, teal and lime on this one. Using a lime colored thread, I quilted a freehand design in the center with separate designs in the border. One of my favorite types of quilting to do.
Applique work for our Guild's raffle quilt.
The applique is perfect. (I did not do it...) There are three applique panels with four rows or star blocks of the same colors. It is queen sized and will be striking..... I will be quilting it, I've been pondering and doodling some designs. Suggestions on fill work behind all that applique?

February 14, 2009

~The Valentine Crush~

Happy Valentine's Day!
And so I've given myself new meaning to the Valentine Crush.... or Computer crash. I dropped my laptop (ooops) ..... um, let's just say laptops are not meant for that type of abuse..... So sad. No pretty heart photos for today.....
Happy Day!

February 10, 2009

A little bit of practice.

~An ATC~

~The mini whole cloth 5 1/2 X 8 1/2"~
There wasn't much room for me to practice after my son played around on the muslin that was loaded on the machine. I wanted to see how small I could get the stitching. My thread was too thick for this type of quilting, but it was fun and actually kind of obsessive after awhile.

The brown thread is Signature and then I tried Invisafill (sp). That is the purple, or lighter thread. It's a 100wt. It skipped a little, you can see especially in the straight lines. I didn't mess around with it though, I just wanted to see how fine I could stitch. I used the stitch regulator and below I didn't.

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February 9, 2009

Bordering on Crazy!

Crazy Borders on the birdcage piece I posted a drawing of awhile ago.

It is a slow process as I don't know much about traditional, crazy patch work. I am, however, enjoying and admiring the pictures I have found online and in books. So tedious, intricate and delicate.

The interior is applique while the borders are crazy.
Being able to fly by the seat of my pants with this project is rather appealing (to me).

When the interior and borders are completed, it will be quilted on the longarm. This will prove to be an interesting challenge.

There is much work to be done.

Doesn't everything take like 2 1/2 times longer than you think?

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February 5, 2009

-Hearts To Mail-

-A few of my Valentine greetings for friends and family-

-Valentine Mail Art Kits-

A group of Guild members have put together the Valentine Mail Art kits
You can choose from a variety of kits. Included are various heart shapes with fusible, thick stabilizer such as Timtex or Pellon, postcard backing, embellishments of: ribbons, threads and buttons.
(I am not part of the kit making group, but am so impressed with the professional quality of each little kit. Thank you Shari, Sue and Jane! )

Guild member Michelle Civetti provided the die cut machine to cut the hearts.
The kits are available for $2.00 through Guild members and
Appletree Fabrics (Auburn MA)
All proceeds will go to a Women's Heart Health fundraiser the Guild is hosting.

-Finished Cards-
Fun and easy for the quick Valentine greetings to mail.

More snow the other day. And look who came to visit for awhile.

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February 1, 2009

Crazy for Hearts

Distressed raw edge fabrics, beads, sequins, crystals and a secret envelope make up this crazy little quilt.

The envelope is an actual envelope. This is a gift for my secret valentine swap.
I will put a treat in the secret envelope.

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