November 27, 2010

-making a list. . .

. . . and checking it twice.

Mini notebooks have been on my list to make for awhile.

I'm making them for little gifts to give this season.

 Plenty of pages for lists and notes.

In the back of the book;  leftover trimmed off pages for even more notes.

A lanyard clasp was added and leaves no excuse for lost lists.

The books below don't have the pages sewn in yet - I'd like to add a pencil and need to do that before the pages.

Have fun with your holiday gift making. 
And if you've run out of time for making, be sure to check some of the great handmade items on Etsy.

Below are few Etsy shops that might inspire you!

November 19, 2010

it's Friday

and I was able to set some time aside last Friday and  finish stitching together the dorm quilt. 
Only a few inches to go with the quilting, then binding and it will be ready for gifting.


- - - - - -
and I was encouraged to pull these guys back out from the box under my desk.

then the snowmen/women resurfaced this week, as well

Happy Weekend everybody!

November 15, 2010

seed pods

Today is the Fiberactions group quilt reveal. 
The challenge word this month was transformation.

Seed Pods
Inspired by the seed pods left behind when flowers die off.

The fabric is hand made silk fusion.

This is the first in a series of seed pod quilts I'm planning.


Be sure to check the Fiberactions link (here) to see the group's responses.

November 8, 2010

tis the season. . .

. . .  well, almost.

. . .
But, it is the season to start planning your holiday gift giving.
You might want to check out some of the online Etsy shops.  Now, and  throughout this holiday season I'll post some interesting etsy shops. I hope you check them out and find something handcrafted to give as a gift this year.

Check out SueBs shop here.
She has beautiful handcrafted journals and books.
Like this one -

It has plenty of white signatures separated with colored handmade paper.
I have a ton of sketchbooks, but this one I'm dedicating to only doodled quilting designs.  When it's full, I'll have my own personal journal of custom designs.

Kathleen's shop is here.  She makes all kinds of great quilted bags.  Check out all the great fabrics!

If you are a quilter or need to buy a gift for a quilter - don't miss Vicki's shop here. She sells her own hand dyed fabrics and patterns.

Go and look at Terri's beautiful art here.

Handmade soaps can found here.
(the links are not high-lighting in color, so be sure to drag your cursor over the words 'here' and that will direct you to the etsy shop indicated)
Happy Holiday Shopping!

November 4, 2010

it's almost friday and

under the needle is . . .

out the window is . . .

in the cage is . . .

in the almost finished pile is . . .

on the frame is . . .

thanks for visiting

November 2, 2010

more painted cloth

Painted canvas cloth using Stewart Gill Paint and black ink. 
I couldn't decide on a few colors, so I used several-
which gave me a piece of cloth that looked overworked and unusable as a whole piece.

Sew, I did what any good quilter would do . . .

. . . I cut it up,
sewed it back together again

and made a little bag.

I like how you can see the painted cloth, but not all of it.

I didn't have enough length of the painted cloth to make the straps as long as I wanted, so I added some chain links on each side.

Under the flap is a snap closure and I added a jewelry finding to hang off the flap.

and again . . .   
I made the mistake of using that green polka dot as a lining, 'to use it up'. 
It's a little too campy, but oh well - I wasn't going to rip it out.

I may paint over it.