June 24, 2010

a simple solution

I made this today as an alternative to this-------->

...which works great for certain occasions, but for stitching and longarming I was forever knocking it and unclipping it loose.

So today I'm experimenting with my new system.

Using felt and plastic from a recycled plastic container I made a small case that can be worn on my neck.

Keeping it simple; the only embellishment is the charming, vintage, glass button with a loop closure.

... and resisting the urge to bead the necklace end  . . .  I went with a simple length of piping wrapped with an  unfinished strip of batik. 
This was more practical anyway as
I need the necklace part to be strong enough to hold some of my other items....

-a simple and useful solution-

Happy Stitching!

June 21, 2010

the interchangeable bag . . .

This little bag uses
The Interchangeable 3 Bag silver frame
by Ellen Medlock

The silver frame has loops where you can attach your strap with clip closures.
I had the silver clips and attached them to the silver chain.

You can purchase patterns, frames and ready made chains from the website here

 A sleeve to thread the rod into is on the inside of the bag. 
The lining folds over to the outside to form a piping.
In hindsight, I wish I had picked a different lining.

Below, you can see the rod removed.
It is very easy to thread the rod through the frame and the sleeve to change out your bag.

The fabric is wool felt, embellished with flowers and threads. 

June 18, 2010

keys to success . . .

 -using vintage keys-

-charms and beads-

-painted felt, vintage buttons and flowers-

-given as teacher gifts-

- - - - - - - -

and while it is officially summer - it's Christmas in the quilting room.
Shari's quilt is on the frame.

June 14, 2010

...busy days and nights...

. . . planting and picking . . .

~ ~ ~
. . . celebrating . . .

~ ~ ~
. . . watching . . .

~ ~ ~
. . . making. . .

. . . and swapping. . .

~ ~ ~

. . . gifting . . .

~ ~ ~
. . . and quilting. . .

. . .  all good . . .
. . .  I am thankful . . .
. . . thanks for visiting and I hope you are well . . .

June 6, 2010

a felt purse, a graduate, and a sad face. . .

Instead of using purchased fabrics for this little bag, I  painted and embellished wool felt.  The wool is sturdy and didn't require a layer of batting as the pattern indicates.
Inside the bag I used the cotton silk I had dyed pink on one of our dying days. 
It gives the inside of the bag such a nice feel.

The bag itself is a great size for just a few items.  I attached a purchased shoulder chain which is removable by clips. The pattern is shown below and the handle frame is from Hobby and Land #1800.
I had to tweak the pattern only slightly to make it work with the felt.  This was an easy project.

Graduation was yesterday, a happy and prideful day. 
Good stuff.

And today is just hanging out with the Em dog and getting some quiet time in.... somehow Em got a nasty staph infection and needs a little extra supervision.
That's a sad face if I've ever seen one.