December 19, 2012

Give the gift of warmth and comfort
this holiday season

 with homemade hot cocoa

 and homemade marshmallows

December 12, 2012

today is 12-12-12

and on the frame is this-
pretty in pink

The border has a feather swag that comes down from the top and goes up from the bottom and meets in the middle.  Once the quilt is stabilized in the center I can roll it back and forth and complete the quilt as it rolls.  
And you can see how I do the swag in the photo below.  
It has a half feather on the bottom of each side. When the quilt rolls next- I'll do the spine, fill in the feathers and tuck into the half feather. 

* * * * * * 
Under my needle is my row robin.
My guild is hosting Round Robin groups again.
I joined the Row Robin group.  Our rows are due at the December meeting.

In case you don't know -
Round robins are works that go from person to person and each person adds something new.
 My group is rows, so each person will add a row.  Once I pass my original row off, I will not see it again till next December.  
It's fun.

 * * * * * * 
I've had some fun doodling out and painting some Holiday pictures.
They will make really cute stitched quiltlets.

 * * * * * *
And today I'm off to work with my friend Sue on our Guild's raffle quilt.
We are designing and today we'll put the finishing plan together and get our fabrics cut so members can help us put it together.

Until next time-
Happy Creating