December 23, 2010

more mini books. . .

. . .finished.
I tried to add a mini pencil to some of the books, but couldn't get it to work out neatly - sew I left it off.

The books are approximately 3"x4",  each is a nice canvas that can be customized into a fun little piece of art.

Mini books are fun to make!

December 20, 2010

make it a snow white holiday . . .

. . .  even if there is none in the forecast.

Made from wool felt.

- if you don't have felt you can use batting and fabric scraps.

You still have a few days!

December 18, 2010

yesterday was Friday . . .

. . . . and it was another busy week.
But I took some time and made a gift for me!

Using Deb Wendt's Spa Therapy pattern, I made both the shoulder and eye treatment bags . . .

. . .  and enjoyed my down time.

I purchased my pattern and Field Corn through Deb. She is a fellow longarmer and Guild member.
You can find info by clicking

I have just the right amount of Field Corn remaining  to make a second eye bag. I'll keep this one in the freezer for tired eyes.

Great patterns Deb!

Hopefully you'll take some down time over the Holidays. 

Enjoy your weekend!

December 15, 2010

peace birds . . .

. . . made from wool felt, stitched, stuffed, embellished and given as gifts.

- - -peace- - -

December 11, 2010

yesterday was Friday. . .

. . . and it was a busy week.

From under the needle came the feathered wool purse.  It has a silver clasp and chain detail with silk lining.

Perfect for Holiday celebrating.

From the window-the the feathered woodpecker.
I have not been so patient while picture taking lately - but when he opened his tail feathers, there was the best outline of yellow.  You can see it a little bit.

Thanks for the visit, I have lots more to show you -
come again soon.
And have a nice weekend.

December 9, 2010

lots of fabric, lots of love and

. . . .lots of thread

Made by a mother for her daughter.
What a beautiful gift.

The thread cup filled up quickly with this quilt.
It measured 112x122 and that is a lot of thread!

On the top of my machine I have a little cup for my thread tails.
I didn't like the look of the plain cup, so I made it a jacket.
It is secured with double stick tape from the bottom, it doesn't bounce off.

You can see in the the cup on the bottom and around the rim, I put carpet sticky tape.
This keeps the threads inside the cup. 

Happy stitching!

December 2, 2010

beaded lanyards

or a badge

 Above,  a few lanyards for sewing friends. 
They include an extra loop which can be used for larger handled nips.
Or can be used to slip eye glasses onto when not in use.

Below is a lanyard made specifically for eyeglasses.

This is a lanyard made for someone to hold her badge.

Below is my lanyard. 
I wear it really long, it drops about 26" or sew.
I have nips on the end and I like them to drop below the front bar of my long arm when I sit of stand.  I don't want the nips to accidentally poke the quilt, keeping them at this long length they won't.

Below you can see the nips that I have on my lanyard. They come with a cap, but I don't use it when I wear them on the long lanyard.

They are  from Superior Threads and you can find them here.  You might find them a little pricey, but well worth every cent!

 I love them.

I loved making these beaded lanyards!

December 1, 2010

the Holiday tree

was made for, and will be sent to our American soldiers serving in Afghanistan for this Holiday season.

It was quick and easy to make.

And super fun to decorate!

Thanks for visiting. 

November 27, 2010

-making a list. . .

. . . and checking it twice.

Mini notebooks have been on my list to make for awhile.

I'm making them for little gifts to give this season.

 Plenty of pages for lists and notes.

In the back of the book;  leftover trimmed off pages for even more notes.

A lanyard clasp was added and leaves no excuse for lost lists.

The books below don't have the pages sewn in yet - I'd like to add a pencil and need to do that before the pages.

Have fun with your holiday gift making. 
And if you've run out of time for making, be sure to check some of the great handmade items on Etsy.

Below are few Etsy shops that might inspire you!

November 19, 2010

it's Friday

and I was able to set some time aside last Friday and  finish stitching together the dorm quilt. 
Only a few inches to go with the quilting, then binding and it will be ready for gifting.


- - - - - -
and I was encouraged to pull these guys back out from the box under my desk.

then the snowmen/women resurfaced this week, as well

Happy Weekend everybody!