December 2, 2010

beaded lanyards

or a badge

 Above,  a few lanyards for sewing friends. 
They include an extra loop which can be used for larger handled nips.
Or can be used to slip eye glasses onto when not in use.

Below is a lanyard made specifically for eyeglasses.

This is a lanyard made for someone to hold her badge.

Below is my lanyard. 
I wear it really long, it drops about 26" or sew.
I have nips on the end and I like them to drop below the front bar of my long arm when I sit of stand.  I don't want the nips to accidentally poke the quilt, keeping them at this long length they won't.

Below you can see the nips that I have on my lanyard. They come with a cap, but I don't use it when I wear them on the long lanyard.

They are  from Superior Threads and you can find them here.  You might find them a little pricey, but well worth every cent!

 I love them.

I loved making these beaded lanyards!


Vicki W said...


Joan said...

Kathy - thoswe lanyards are beautiful.... and I was very taken with those snippers, and checked out the site - I know what I want -AFTER christmas. I have...sorry am getting, a lot that I know of :)

free indeed said...

Those are positively lovely! They look simple enough to make, but get overwhelmed when I hit a bead of these days I will buy the stuff to make a few and be addicted I know!

Connie Rose said...

OMG, I had a dream about lanyards last night! How bizarre. Yours are wonderful!

Quilt Rat said...

These are completely spectacular! LOVE them.....okay so I am going to HAVE to make some of these!

william lukas said...

Beautiful! Miss you, Kathy - hope to see you over winter break :) xoxo William

Chloe said...

These are really gorgeous personalized lanyards you have created here! You can make really customisable lanyards and even get the whole family involved. Cool idea!

Claire said...

These look really good, are these custom made lanyards or are they set designs. I have been looking for some custom lanyards made for a gift bag.

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Hi Claire, these are custom made lanyards and can be made with various beads and/or charms.

Johnny Thomas said...

These are great custom lanyards!! just loved it

Betty said...

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