February 27, 2011

function meets fun

 I'm constantly fighting the pin box while working on the design wall.  I keep the pins behind me on the table...  And while I keep a stash stuck right into the wall, they never seem to be where my fingers can grab them easily.

I like to use the tiny applique pins because they won't bend when I stick them into the wall.  They are nice and small when I'm ready to go the machine with the piece.

A pincushion ring is the perfect solution!

Made with a silk cocoon, wool batt, velvet, a costume jewelery ring base, beads and jewels.

February 23, 2011

opposite day

The sketchbook challenge this month is opposites. 
I made a mini book with color on the front and none on the back.  It's case is made of contemporary hand dyed fabrics with vintage buckles and a button.

Inside the front cover is an envelope with the theme name and date.
And just to trick you -  my doodles start from the end of the book and go to the front of the book.

Some things you will see are . . .
cold and hot . . .

 dull and sharp.

In my bigger books I've been working on lights and darks and symmetry (left and right, top and bottom).

February 22, 2011

adding more to the picture

In yesterday's post I mentioned moving the tulips to the front of the frame.  Then there was an empty space to the left of  the bucket to the corner of the frame.   
Maybe another bucket would go there?
Once I started looking at brown/tan fabrics I noticed this fabric had some cool dimension, a section of it reminded me of a shovel blade.
I went with it.

After the shovel was made it looked weird just sitting next to the bucket, so I tried to put some flowers down by the shovel.
Didn't  like it. 
 I thought about what might be next to my shovel and buckets . . . . .  I sketched out some gloves.

I had a hard time duplicating the gloves onto fabric, so I photo copied my sketch, darkened it with marker, traced it onto tissue paper then stitched the outline.

I used batting with the gloves and shovel handle because I wanted a little more dimension.  The blade of the shovel has just a layer of thick stabilizer.

I added ink and paint to give more dimension, but I will need more on the gloves. 

February 21, 2011

adding and subtracting

It's not uncommon for me to add or subtract elements to a piece as I go along.
In my original design I had blue Hydrangea, but I subtracted that out and added a blue Clematis vine.
The thread work will be added once the flowers and leaves are attached, right now they are only pinned and look sort of plain and rough.

 I had yellow daisy type flowers and thought I needed something extra. So, I invented and added a blue daisy.  Again, all the thread detail needs to be added and that is why you can still see all the rough edges. 

I thought a little bird would be a nice addition, I sketched one out on paper and pinned him on so I wouldn't forget about adding him later.  You can see his tail.

I added Bird's Foot Violet to a little rock garden. I may not even need the stems because taller elements will be added behind. In which case I'll subtract the stems and just use the flower heads and leaves.

 I added some Daffodils but am not sure where they will go,  they are just stuck here waiting while I decide on the other taller elements. 
And I moved the bucket of tulips to the front of the frame and I think I like that better. 

Thanks for stopping by, there is a lot more to be added to this piece so you will have to check back again! 

February 16, 2011

a process

The bucket of tulips is for a project I've been working on.
This is my favorite type of work, I call it 3 dimensional applique.
The flowers and bucket are not finished and won't be until I'm ready to stitch them in place, but I thought I would show you a little of how I make the elements as I go along.

   Above you can see the bucket after I drew it onto the fabric using a chalk pencil. I made a template from my large drawing. It is shaded with fabric paints.

I put Misty Fuse only behind the bucket and fused it to a thin layer of cotton batt. I use cotton, silk or wool for this as I will want to press it.  A poly will flatten too much while the others seem to work fine.

 Once the bucket is stuck to the batting, I stitch the outlines on the front side.  Then I cut the extra batting away.  I like using applique scissors for this. But to be honest here- the applique scissors are usually hidden under a pile of stuff sew regular scissors works just as well.
Just be careful and watch what you are doing.

Once the batt is cut away, trim all the way around the bucket leaving enough to fold over the batting on the back side.
I like to use a wooden stick, my iron and starch.

Once the edges have been turned you have a 3 dimensional piece. 
Depending on my final design, will determine how I attach the piece to the background.  I don't do that until I have all of the elements made.  Not all will be 3 dimensional so they will be attached first.

   Here you can see some blue tulips made the same way.  In the top photo I have them pinned in place but not fully turned.  The leaves I made a similar way using a stiff stabilizer and not batting.

Have fun Creating!

February 10, 2011

just in case

Below is my simple solution to house my new listening device while stitching.
I can hook it right to my scissors lanyard and that way I don't have to wear two things around my neck.
When I need the scissors the chain slides right through the clasp of the case and then back down again.

The case is made from pink leather.The front is painted and stitched while the back is only stitched.
Stitching the leather was not as hard as I thought, although, there was some needle drag. 

 This is my new case for my phone when I'm on the go. I love the vintage glass button.

A new sunglasses case because I'm hopeful spring will eventually arrive....

An eyeglass case is below. 
I really liked making this out of wool felt I had used as a waste cloth on a previous project.  I used Misty Fuse, threads and a painted dryer sheet over the top with flowers cut from silk fusion.  The dryer sheet, I don't think, will hold up over time, but I liked experimenting with this idea for future wall art pieces.

Below is my favorite case which I'll use for my mini sketchbook for the sketchbook challenge.
I'll talk about that another time.

It's been busy here with lots of deadlines on the horizon.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Creating!