February 21, 2011

adding and subtracting

It's not uncommon for me to add or subtract elements to a piece as I go along.
In my original design I had blue Hydrangea, but I subtracted that out and added a blue Clematis vine.
The thread work will be added once the flowers and leaves are attached, right now they are only pinned and look sort of plain and rough.

 I had yellow daisy type flowers and thought I needed something extra. So, I invented and added a blue daisy.  Again, all the thread detail needs to be added and that is why you can still see all the rough edges. 

I thought a little bird would be a nice addition, I sketched one out on paper and pinned him on so I wouldn't forget about adding him later.  You can see his tail.

I added Bird's Foot Violet to a little rock garden. I may not even need the stems because taller elements will be added behind. In which case I'll subtract the stems and just use the flower heads and leaves.

 I added some Daffodils but am not sure where they will go,  they are just stuck here waiting while I decide on the other taller elements. 
And I moved the bucket of tulips to the front of the frame and I think I like that better. 

Thanks for stopping by, there is a lot more to be added to this piece so you will have to check back again! 


Joan said...

That is so interesting. Its great to see how you go about things. I do love the work you are currently doing and look forward to seeing more of this soon. Colours are georgeous.

Quilt Rat said...

Love to watch how this piece is developing.....I can already tell this is going to be absolutely wonderful.......what size will it be?

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love what you are doing and I love being able to see how this develops. The colors are wonderful. Looking forward to the next step.