February 22, 2011

adding more to the picture

In yesterday's post I mentioned moving the tulips to the front of the frame.  Then there was an empty space to the left of  the bucket to the corner of the frame.   
Maybe another bucket would go there?
Once I started looking at brown/tan fabrics I noticed this fabric had some cool dimension, a section of it reminded me of a shovel blade.
I went with it.

After the shovel was made it looked weird just sitting next to the bucket, so I tried to put some flowers down by the shovel.
Didn't  like it. 
 I thought about what might be next to my shovel and buckets . . . . .  I sketched out some gloves.

I had a hard time duplicating the gloves onto fabric, so I photo copied my sketch, darkened it with marker, traced it onto tissue paper then stitched the outline.

I used batting with the gloves and shovel handle because I wanted a little more dimension.  The blade of the shovel has just a layer of thick stabilizer.

I added ink and paint to give more dimension, but I will need more on the gloves. 


Quilt Rat said...

holy cow! That shovel is superb! Don't you just love it when the fabric tells you exactly what it wants to be?
I am SO enjoying watching this piece evolve.

Elaine said...

I like the way you're showing us how you figure out each step. THanks.

Joan said...

What a wonderful shovel. I am looking forward to seeing more. Great way you sketched your gloves!