February 16, 2011

a process

The bucket of tulips is for a project I've been working on.
This is my favorite type of work, I call it 3 dimensional applique.
The flowers and bucket are not finished and won't be until I'm ready to stitch them in place, but I thought I would show you a little of how I make the elements as I go along.

   Above you can see the bucket after I drew it onto the fabric using a chalk pencil. I made a template from my large drawing. It is shaded with fabric paints.

I put Misty Fuse only behind the bucket and fused it to a thin layer of cotton batt. I use cotton, silk or wool for this as I will want to press it.  A poly will flatten too much while the others seem to work fine.

 Once the bucket is stuck to the batting, I stitch the outlines on the front side.  Then I cut the extra batting away.  I like using applique scissors for this. But to be honest here- the applique scissors are usually hidden under a pile of stuff sew regular scissors works just as well.
Just be careful and watch what you are doing.

Once the batt is cut away, trim all the way around the bucket leaving enough to fold over the batting on the back side.
I like to use a wooden stick, my iron and starch.

Once the edges have been turned you have a 3 dimensional piece. 
Depending on my final design, will determine how I attach the piece to the background.  I don't do that until I have all of the elements made.  Not all will be 3 dimensional so they will be attached first.

   Here you can see some blue tulips made the same way.  In the top photo I have them pinned in place but not fully turned.  The leaves I made a similar way using a stiff stabilizer and not batting.

Have fun Creating!


McIrish Annie said...

thanks for the tutorial. that;s a nice easy way to do a 3D element!

Vicki W said...

Great tutorial!

quilthexle said...

Thanks for a great tutorial - and the hint for which batting to use. Might save me a lot of frustration ;-))