August 21, 2012

summer school studies . . .

construction and landscape design

 nature observation


flower arranging

picture drawing in books

 in the clouds

and resting.

summer has been good 
in just a few short days it will be back 
to the regular routine
 why does it have to go by so fast ?

August 2, 2012

nature study

on silk fabric
with fabric markers and
water soluble wax pastels.

  The water soluble crayon was scrubbed against a piece of parchment to make a little palette.  Using a wet brush you can pick up as much color as you want and fill in coloring-book-style.

The outline was stitched with a super, heavy weight upholstery thread that I had in my machine to do some leather work. 
The outline stitch is thick, I will use this thread again to do this.

...the image on my cloth came from my doodle from my sketchbook which came from my photo...

 and the the colors were switched to work with the new Fiberactions color challenge which is the triad.

The color challenges have been good because usually I have trouble stopping with just two or three colors....