March 30, 2012

focus friday feature


the best ever

she was extraordinary

it was easy to measure time
 she came home when the (now 14 yr-old) baby did

she took life seriously,
wherever they were -
she was

she visited some really great places

 and even went to visit her brother during freshman year

when the puppy came home

there was so much to show him

and she did

she will be missed

and little by little
he is getting used to it

and so are we

March 29, 2012

through the looking glass

A few Saturdays ago I took the day off from sewing and made glass beads!
Beth Mellor from the Worcester Center of Crafts was a fabulous and patient instructor.
While my beads are more like the size of playing marbles and not quite round, 
it was a fun and inspiring experience.

Below are purchased beads from Beth's Etsy shop, then I made the bracelet.  Her beads are beautiful and this shade of blue changes a little depending on the light.

Using one of my beads I made a key chain.

These are Beth's perfect beads, they are hollow.  She sent them strung on the cord, so I  added the silver bead caps, knotted and wear it as is.

March 23, 2012

focus friday feature


As a measure of solidarity and support, members will be wearing teal colored clothing and accessories during our 2012 quilt show. 
 In addition, you will notice many teal colored polished toes!

Profits from the sales of decorated flip flops will be donated to 
Teal Toes and Ovations which are non profit groups supporting the awareness, research and cure of ovarian cancer.

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild strives to promote interest, education and appreciation in all aspects of quilt making. 
 In addition
- comfort quilts are given to individuals in and around the Blackstone Valley,
 - baby quilts and premie eye covers are crafted and donated to local hospitals to be given to momma's who have babies with special cares,
-troops over seas have been supported with quilts and pillowcases,
-quilts have been donated to various women and children's shelters as well as Katrina victims,
  two scholarships are awarded each year to high school seniors going on  to study textiles or art in College,
donations from previous shows have been made to prostate cancer research, breast cancer research and women's heart health as well as the New England Quilt Museum and several other special causes.

Please join us as we celebrate our art and craft of quilt making and design.

Quilt Show 2012
March 24/25
Blackstone Valley Regional Voc-Tech HS
65 Pleasant St
Upton MA

March 21, 2012

The back of Val's quilt

- small and cute - 
inchie swap quilts special exhibit 

-It's almost here - 
Quilt Show 2012
March 24/25
Blackstone Valley Regional Voc-Tech HS
65 Pleasant St.
Upton, MA

March 16, 2012

focus friday feature

flip flop frenzy

One of the special exhibits in Quilt Show 2012 
is a 
Flip Flop Exhibit

 Members have decorated and donated flip flops which will be exhibited and sold during the show. 

  Funds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer research.

Our exhibit is in honor of Guild member Betty Lou, who we lost to ovarian cancer last year.
Below is a quilt Betty Lou gave to me a few years ago for our Secret Valentine swap.

Quilt Show 2012
March 24/25
Blackstone Valley Regional Voc-Tech High School
Upton MA

March 13, 2012

special exhibits

This is another round robin quilt. It's a row robin.  
Members worked together as a group and a row was added at each turn. 

Louise's quilt is a tea party theme. It's sweet.

  See the blue thread sitting on Louise's pretty quilt?
This year for our quilt show, we have a dedicated person who will walk the show once everything is hung.  She will look at the quilts and remove any unwanteds.  
Isn't it so disappointing when you attend a show and looking at the beautiful works you notice loose threads or lint?!

It happens, though. 
 Everyone is scrambling at the end right before the show is hung.  
This year with our newly dedicated quilt police nothing shall be overlooked.  

Below is Val's quilt. It's a riot of color and thread . . . 

-bad pictures today.... not that I'm scrambling to get things done or anything....  ;o)
but if you want to see the real deal -
Please join us

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show 2012
March 24/25
Blackstone Valley Regional Voc-Tech High School
65 Pleasant St.
Upton, MA

March 10, 2012

the home stretch - - -

- - -  we are coming down to the wire for our upcoming quilt show - - -

This quilt went home with Kathleen.
It's huge and she is left with the huger task of binding it.
(. . .  i'll quilt any day over binding . . .)

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show
March 24/25th 2012
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Tech HS
65 Pleasant St (off 140)
Upton, MA 

March 7, 2012

special exhibits

This is Deb's quilt. 
It's part of a Round Robin Special Exhibit in the 
Thimble Pleasures Quild Guild Show
March 24 and 25

 A Round Robin is a project started by one artist and is then passed to others in a group.
Each member adds an element.  Deb made the center block and other members added the outside borders.

The guild show will display several Round Robin works along with traditional and art quilts.

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild Show 2012
March 24 and 25
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Tech High School
Upton, MA.

March 1, 2012

Yesterday was leap day.  
Because it's sort of like an extra day I took it off and spent it with a friend. 

It was good. 

We did errands and puttered.
Ate leftovers for lunch.
 Had tea
and watched the snow start to fall.

Today is back to the business of quilting.

This is Gina's pretty quilt.  

I've enjoyed this quilt. 

Today I'll add the colored threads, tie off loose threads, de-lint and it should be finished!

<- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->

To jump back into blogging and picture taking I'm going to start a 
Focus Friday Feature
. . . every Friday I'll post a Photo of something . . .

it's Thursday not Friday yet - but this is what was out my sewing room window this morning.

-thanks for visiting-