March 29, 2012

through the looking glass

A few Saturdays ago I took the day off from sewing and made glass beads!
Beth Mellor from the Worcester Center of Crafts was a fabulous and patient instructor.
While my beads are more like the size of playing marbles and not quite round, 
it was a fun and inspiring experience.

Below are purchased beads from Beth's Etsy shop, then I made the bracelet.  Her beads are beautiful and this shade of blue changes a little depending on the light.

Using one of my beads I made a key chain.

These are Beth's perfect beads, they are hollow.  She sent them strung on the cord, so I  added the silver bead caps, knotted and wear it as is.


Sherri D said...

ooooooooooooooooooo SHINY!!! Really, is there such a thing as an ugly glass bead? I think yours are pretty too! :)

Lynn said...

Love your beads.