March 10, 2012

the home stretch - - -

- - -  we are coming down to the wire for our upcoming quilt show - - -

This quilt went home with Kathleen.
It's huge and she is left with the huger task of binding it.
(. . .  i'll quilt any day over binding . . .)

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show
March 24/25th 2012
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Tech HS
65 Pleasant St (off 140)
Upton, MA 


Deb Levy said...

Beautiful quilting Kathy!

Sue Daurio said...

Gorgeous quilting. I LOVE the star design with the circles in the block.

Vicki W said...

Wonderful quilting!

Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Quilt Rat said...

I LOVE to bind......and it would be a pleasure on such a stunning piece, the quilting lines are absolutely wonderful and the colour choices are as well......a REAL jewel! FABULOUS!!!!

ladyhock said...

This quilt is so beautiful!