March 30, 2012

focus friday feature


the best ever

she was extraordinary

it was easy to measure time
 she came home when the (now 14 yr-old) baby did

she took life seriously,
wherever they were -
she was

she visited some really great places

 and even went to visit her brother during freshman year

when the puppy came home

there was so much to show him

and she did

she will be missed

and little by little
he is getting used to it

and so are we


auretrvr said...

My heart breaks for you. We lost our 14 y/o, Bea 5 years ago. It gets better as you remember the joy they brought, but that lump in your throat seems to find its way back from time to time. I am so glad you had time with such a wonderful pal.


WoolenSails said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet dog, it is so hard when they leave us. My guy has been sick, so we are treating him and he is doing better, but I know he could go downhill fast, so we enjoy the time we have now.


Connie Rose said...

I'm so sorry, Kathy. It looks like she had a long and fulfilling life, though. Much love and best wishes to you all.

Deb Levy said...

I'm so sorry Kathy for your loss.I know how hard it is to lose a beloved companion.

I just passed the one year mark this week of losing Harry...The tears still come every day when I think of him.

But I know in my heart he the best life possible with us, and your baby did too.

Debra Spincic said...

Good bye sweet golden girl. There's no other dog that will ever be quite the same. I am sure you are missed.

xoxo to your family, Kathy.

Teresa Silva said...

Oh she was a beautiful dog. We recently lost our Shih Tzu and she came into our lives when our son was 1 years old. She was 13 when she passed away in December. I'm glad you have another dog to help heal your heart. It looks like your sweet dog had a wonderful life!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

It is always hard to lose a loyal companion and friend. I have been through that once and know I will go through it again. My heart aches for you.
You have lots of good memories that will put a smile on your face in the days to come.

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry. They are so special and the best friends ever.

M & D said...

Great job on showing off Maizey. We miss her too.
Mom and Dad

Quilt Rat said...

Always difficult to have to say goodbye to our furry companions....they are members of the family and bring so much to our lives....each one is so unique....hold tight to the wonderful memories

HollyM said...

Awww. So sad for you. It's a very nice tribute though.