March 23, 2012

focus friday feature


As a measure of solidarity and support, members will be wearing teal colored clothing and accessories during our 2012 quilt show. 
 In addition, you will notice many teal colored polished toes!

Profits from the sales of decorated flip flops will be donated to 
Teal Toes and Ovations which are non profit groups supporting the awareness, research and cure of ovarian cancer.

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild strives to promote interest, education and appreciation in all aspects of quilt making. 
 In addition
- comfort quilts are given to individuals in and around the Blackstone Valley,
 - baby quilts and premie eye covers are crafted and donated to local hospitals to be given to momma's who have babies with special cares,
-troops over seas have been supported with quilts and pillowcases,
-quilts have been donated to various women and children's shelters as well as Katrina victims,
  two scholarships are awarded each year to high school seniors going on  to study textiles or art in College,
donations from previous shows have been made to prostate cancer research, breast cancer research and women's heart health as well as the New England Quilt Museum and several other special causes.

Please join us as we celebrate our art and craft of quilt making and design.

Quilt Show 2012
March 24/25
Blackstone Valley Regional Voc-Tech HS
65 Pleasant St
Upton MA

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Debra Spincic said...

Sounds like a great guild in which to be a part- kudos for your efforts too!