June 24, 2010

a simple solution

I made this today as an alternative to this-------->

...which works great for certain occasions, but for stitching and longarming I was forever knocking it and unclipping it loose.

So today I'm experimenting with my new system.

Using felt and plastic from a recycled plastic container I made a small case that can be worn on my neck.

Keeping it simple; the only embellishment is the charming, vintage, glass button with a loop closure.

... and resisting the urge to bead the necklace end  . . .  I went with a simple length of piping wrapped with an  unfinished strip of batik. 
This was more practical anyway as
I need the necklace part to be strong enough to hold some of my other items....

-a simple and useful solution-

Happy Stitching!


Connie Rose said...

Very cool, Kathy!

Quiltilicious said...

that's great! I also really (REALLY) like the thread scissors on the retractable lanyard-thingy (I've got one of those and I think I'll copy you).

As far as the iPod goes for me, I plug it into my stereo sytesm in my sewing room and listen on speakers. I don't know that I could function wearing earbuds. I'd probably wind up sewing them into my project.

Debra said...

I have a much simpler (but similiar) pocket on a cord but I found that eventually the IPod got heavy & my neck started to hurt. Now I plug it into speakers on the table and listen like that.