June 6, 2010

a felt purse, a graduate, and a sad face. . .

Instead of using purchased fabrics for this little bag, I  painted and embellished wool felt.  The wool is sturdy and didn't require a layer of batting as the pattern indicates.
Inside the bag I used the cotton silk I had dyed pink on one of our dying days. 
It gives the inside of the bag such a nice feel.

The bag itself is a great size for just a few items.  I attached a purchased shoulder chain which is removable by clips. The pattern is shown below and the handle frame is from Hobby and Land #1800.
I had to tweak the pattern only slightly to make it work with the felt.  This was an easy project.

Graduation was yesterday, a happy and prideful day. 
Good stuff.

And today is just hanging out with the Em dog and getting some quiet time in.... somehow Em got a nasty staph infection and needs a little extra supervision.
That's a sad face if I've ever seen one.


Deb Levy said...

Gorgeous purse Kathy!

And congrats to the grad...and his parents :)!

Hope your sweet pup feels better soon.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

that purse is fab Kathy and congrats to the grad!

poor puppy, that is definitely a very sad face :(

Vicki W said...

I love the purse and my heart breaks for the sad puppy. I hope the grad has a great summer before heading off to college!