November 2, 2010

more painted cloth

Painted canvas cloth using Stewart Gill Paint and black ink. 
I couldn't decide on a few colors, so I used several-
which gave me a piece of cloth that looked overworked and unusable as a whole piece.

Sew, I did what any good quilter would do . . .

. . . I cut it up,
sewed it back together again

and made a little bag.

I like how you can see the painted cloth, but not all of it.

I didn't have enough length of the painted cloth to make the straps as long as I wanted, so I added some chain links on each side.

Under the flap is a snap closure and I added a jewelry finding to hang off the flap.

and again . . .   
I made the mistake of using that green polka dot as a lining, 'to use it up'. 
It's a little too campy, but oh well - I wasn't going to rip it out.

I may paint over it.


Vicki W said...

I LOVE it!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

I am loving this bag Kathy!

free indeed said...

Beautiful and so professional looking! Love the really adds lots of zing!

ju-north said...

A beautiful creation! I like the lining!