February 20, 2009

Secret Valentine Revealed!

~Sent by my Secret Valentine~

Guild member Betty Lou sent me this beautifully crafted quilt. Oh - I wish I had her precision to match my corners and points... The delicious shades of pink did not go unnoticed nor did the teensy weensy hand quilted stitching in the hearts. I adore it.

Each year the Guild I belong to hosts a Secret Valentine Swap. Member's names are put into a basket, once all names are safely into the basket each participant secretly draws a new name. We generally do the the draw at the January meeting, but this year we gave ourselves an extra month and drew in December. After receiving your Secret Valentine name you have until exactly February 14th to deliver your gift to her- it is taboo to deliver after the 14th. Gifts can be anything deemed appropriate for your Valentine and delivery can be mailed or hand delivered (secretly of course.)

The February meeting is when the Secret Valentines are revealed. Sitting in a circle we go from receiver to sender to receiver to sender and so on..... each participant has a story to share while she shows her gift. It is always an entertaining meeting with beautiful work and stories. If your Guild is looking for new activities and traditions, this would surely be a hit.

The odd occurrence of cell phones ringing during the meeting was uncanny. I think 10 phones rang in the span of maybe a half hour..... It was funny. Each ring was as different as it's owner. We are women out for the night with families at home, but constantly connected in one way or another. The cell phone is a sign of the times.

Hence, more cell phone purses.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Debra said...

A very pretty Valentine, indeed!