February 28, 2009


Eternity is the result of a Guild challenge a few years ago. The challenge: A Novel Idea, we were required to create a quilt which we felt was representational of any book we had read. At the time I had recently finished the book Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The book was written, I believe, in 1955 and I was intrigued by it's timelessness. Lindbergh's writings about women could have been about the women of the 2000's.... Her writings have nothing to do with a peacock, but items from the sea. However, the peacock has been linked to the concept of eternity. I used the peacock for it's symbol of eternity, not in the theological sense but of the inspiration, strength and wisdom we receive from women around us, before us and what we give to women after us.

We were given the fabric you see in her tail feathers and I think the green of her side feather.... or maybe it was the burgundy on her back. I can't remember. I needle turn appliqued her and each of her feathers. I used that funky fiber yarn/thread; cut each piece, stitched it through and knotted it on the back. Certainly there was an easier way! I was obsessed at the time... it happens.

The flowers and tree were needle turned with added embroidery. The flowers were beaded and she was quilted with clear thread on my Bernina. Eternity currently hangs in the dining area of my kitchen and I enjoy seeing her everyday.
This year's challenge is anything Butterfly. No rules- other than the piece can be no larger than 36" on any side and has to have at least one butterfly. I seem to be fascinated with all things with wings, so I am eager to get started. I have the MOST beautiful blue, hand dyed piece of fabric I will be using in the background. I have a few things which need to be finished before I can begin. In the meantime I will just paw at my pretty blue fabric and try not to drool on it. Sorry that's gross, but I adore it.
For now....
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Mary said...

My gosh! Your workmanship is spectacular! Thank you for sharing, I cannot wait to see this years challenge!

Turtles In Alaska said...

You are amazing!