July 15, 2010

Memory Lane. . .

Today is the Fiberactions quilt reveal day. 
Every other month we are given a new word and we have two months to complete a 16 x 20 quilt representing the theme word.  This past theme word was Memories.
Check out the Fiberactions site where you can see all of the quilts posted.

A few years ago a group of quilting friends (the sistahs) started a practical joke on me.  It revolved around a cow theme.  Since, I have recieved countless cow themed items; sent and given to me in sometimes the most unusual ways.  The joke started anonymously and sort of snowballed out of control. 
I have an entire box of cow related items and fabric....
Some how I acquired the cow face pattern named 'Cow' by Malec Designs.

The pattern is of the cow face only. I customized her and added the background.

I named her Memory and the quilt is named
Memory Lane.
A tribute to my silly quilting sistahs, who inspire me more than they know.

I started Memory Lane just the other day and finished her today.  I would have posted earlier but I couldn't get to the store until tonight...
Memory needed her eyelashes before posting.

I played around with some different methods of fusing and stitching while making Memory Lane.
It was a good learning exercise. I will post later about  some of the methods I used. 

I think I need to darken the side of Memory's face and nose... she kind of looks like a pig in the photo. 

(No, I don't collect cow themed items...!)


Kris said...

Wow!! This is wonderful!!!!

Dotti said...

Snif...this does bring back fond memories of my grandad, a dairy farmer in MN. When past calf bearing age, his best producers always received a name and enjoyed a remainder of life retirement to his miles of green pastures. Your quilt reminds me of Luna...a gentle soul and one of my favorites!

Debra said...

A really super cow! (and piece)

Jaye said...

So great that you do so many challenges. Love the flowers in this piece. I haven't had a chance to do anything about the handbag yet, but saw some of Ellen Medlock's fabric recently. Thanks for the info.