May 19, 2011

wallet replacement

 A few months ago fellow friend/quilter/blogger Coral and I made a trade.  She gave me a beautiful cut of painterly looking fabric in return for a case I had made.  I immediately started this wallet with the fabric and finally got around to finishing it.

This is similar to the design my friend Sharon and I had made before, only this time I tweaked it again slightly for my needs.

There are lots of interior pockets and slots held together with accordian sides.

An outside pocket for extra stuff and all of the shoppers cards that can really clog up a wallet.

Oh, and making a wallet or something small is great quilting practice if you are just learning.  You can work on a small quilt sandwich which is much easier to manipulate than something large and important.  Then when you are done, just cut it up to make your smaller item.
You can see where this piece was quilted before assembly by looking inside the pocket.

A little bling and

and a magnet complete the project.


ju-north said...

this is great! I love making bags - not that I do too many! Are you doing a tutorial?!

Deb Levy said...

A very elegant wallet Kathy!

Vicki W said...


McIrish Annie said...

don't know how you find the time to go in soo many directions. Absolutely love the embellishment quilt!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful purse. I got a cute cat charm from a friend and was about to use it on my keychain, then realized it would make a wonderful purse chain on a zipper.


Sharon said...

That came out great!

Coral said...

Excellent use of that bit of fabric, my friend!

denver accident attorney said...

Lovely! Lovin' the colors and the designs. :)