July 15, 2011

-a good life-

 Today is our Fiberactions challenge reveal day. 
 Departure is our theme word picked by artist Connie Rose. 

My piece is constructed of vintage blocks which were stitched, painted white with artist's gesso and then watered down acrylics.
This is a traditional three layer quilt consisting of a top, batting and backing.  The flowers are painted silk organza and were stitched to the top after quilting.

 The vintage blocks, shown below, were given to me from Cathy Racine.  Cathy is the proprietor of Charlton Sewing Center and hosts a charity auction for our Guild once a year. We have raised thousands of dollars for various causes. 
Cathy included these blocks with something I bid on and told me to make something beautiful out of them, she didn't have the heart to throw them away.
Reluctantly, I took the badly soiled, stained and smelly blocks.
Several washings and soakings later I was able to work with them, but they sat waiting in my cupboard for a year.

There are blocks for at least a good sized queen quilt, but the integrity of them is very weak. They are hand pieced using a variety of thin fabrics and threads.

I'm not sure what I will do with the remaining blocks,
but at least I saved a few from departure and gave them
a good life.

Now head on over to Fiberactions and check out how the others interpreted the theme.


Debra Spincic said...

An excellent save, for sure!

I particularly love the reverse side with the textures!

ju-north said...

A delight to look at!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful flowers and unique shades, really love it.