August 5, 2011

details, details, details

Below are some blocks that are nearly complete from the Guild's Historical Building Raffle quilt.
I said I would show you the loading and stabilizing process of a quilt, but that is really boring work for me (and you) .  .  . 
. . .  sew, I'll show you this first and then show you the boring stuff on a different day . . . 

I'm using all different types and colors of threads to add the details.  It's fun.
When both quilts are finished it will be nice to have a 'glamour' shot of each block with the name of the building and the guild member who made the block.
Stay tuned for that and how you can buy tickets for the quilts.  
see you again soon.  =)


Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

It's even better than I imagined!!!
Looks absolutely gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Wow it looks great, the quilting adds so much! Can't wait to see more!

Superior Threads said...

Stunning! The details are outstanding.

Debra Spincic said...

You are knocking it out of the ballpark!

WoolenSails said...

A lot of the buildings look like the ones in my town, but New England seems to have had the same builders thoughout the area.


Desley said...

I love how you have quilted the quilt blocks into the background. Such attention to detial is amazing.

Lonci said...

Very spectacular:))