December 13, 2011

a pocket full of memories

- Memory Marks -

This was a Holiday job worked on this past fall.
Initially the client wanted a memory quilt using her dad's suits and ties, but then we decided -
 maybe several mini quilts would be a better choice.

Several memory marks were made and she plans to share them with her family members this coming holiday season.

They can be used as book marks.

Each is different from the other all using her dad's suits and ties, labels included.

 The little travel pouch was made with suit fabric and lined with it's silk lining.  Inside one of the pants pocket's lining was the order tag with the suit's number, date and her dad's name;  finding this was a little treasure.  
I stitched that, and the custom made for XXX label inside of the travel pouch.

 This was a great project to work on.   


Roberta said...

What a wonderful idea. I do like that better than a quilt. So many small memories to hold in ones hand. Beautiful stitching. I love everything about this idea.

Vicki W said...

That's a great idea! You should submit that one to a magazine.

Quilt Rat said...

WOW! That is SO fantastic! What an amazing idea. I'll bet your client is absolutely thrilled to have and hold these memory filled treasures

and I agree with Vicki....this should most definitely land on a publishers desk!