June 26, 2012

inside my sketchbook

Over the past year I've added more color to my sketchbook doodles.
 My sketchbook comes with me in the car if we are driving for awhile.

This is an image that was doodled in a book and then I tried it out on cloth. 
It's not finished, but it's fun taking ideas from sketchbooks and putting them onto cloth.

Since using my pillboxes as travel water color kits, it's made adding color to sketches much easier.
There is no mess and the supplies fit well into a little bag.

 I've realized my fat sketchbook is almost full of pictures, 
but only on the right side of the pages.

When the right side pages are all filled
 maybe I'll flip the book over and do the opposite pages.

 Working over on the left side is not my favorite.  
I remember as a kid I'd use my left hand to do the left side pages,
 I could try that again. . .  
We'll see, I'm in no rush.

Speaking of sketchbooks -
Help Sue Bleiweiss celebrate her new book
The Sketchbook Challenge.
There is a huge blog hop starting today with loads of great giveaways.  
Check the schedule below for the stops on the hop.
Come back here on Thursday the 28th and take a chance at winning a prize.

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Quilt Rat said...

Wish I had a sketchbook that looks like yours......beautiful!!!

lynda Howells said...

Your images are beautiful. L think l need more pratice!x Thank you for giving me the idea about the pill box as a water container. brillent idea..thanks. Thanks for entering me into your giveaway. Good luck to all that enter. lyndax

Jennifer East said...

Interesting read, and I love your photos as well as your work. I recycle a lot in both my weaving and my mixed media, so I really appreciate your reuse of the old quilt made magical.

Kathleen said...

Excellent textures in your designs both in the sketchbook and fabric. Good color too. Very nice.

Pamela said...

I've found you through the blog hop and I'm thrilled. Your sketching is inspirational and I will visit often.

Brendafab said...

Wonderful work, really enjoyed your blog

SandyArt said...

Hi Kathy, Your work is incredible!!! I'm so happy to meet you on your blog and see more of your work. The Sketchbook challenge has been such a wonderful resource and Thank you for being a host.

Erin in Morro Bay said...

What beautiful work. And how fun to discover your blog.