March 25, 2013

custom leather bag

I love making custom leather bags.  Since we didn't have much going on this past weekend and it's still more like winter than spring outside, I took some time and made a bag.  
This time it was for me.

It's a light shade of lavender, sort of grayish with a hot pink lining.  
Not wanting to put a zipper into the facing, I made a strap that comes over and hooks with a magnet.  Extra magnets in the facing keep the bag closed.

No pockets were added but a little leash was stitched into the lining . . .

 . . . to hook onto just the right sized custom bag. . .

 . . . which holds a few things . . .

 . . . including a custom cell phone sleeve.

There was plenty of supervision to make sure seams sewed as planned. . .

. . . but, mostly with eyes wide shut.

And today it's back to the business of quilting.

Happy Creating!


Gerry said...

Hi Kathy,

Good-looking leather hand bag.
We like it ... good work.
Hugs, mom & dad xo

Lynn said...

Beautiful - where do you purchase your leather? That is something not available here locally.