May 28, 2014

take your lunch

to work a day in May

Hurry up, May only has a few days left but you can do it. 
Whip up a smart new lunch pail, pack it full of delicious, gluten-free goodies and 
show support for
  Celiac Awareness Month.

While there are gluten free food options available,
 I still like to bring along my own foods when I'm out and about.

  I've been using a tacky brown lunch pail for awhile and decided it was high time for an upgrade.
So I made and few-

And this is my favorite.
It's not insulated so it's good for dry snacks kept at room temperature.  

 It's wrinkly and crinkly like the old fashioned brown paper lunch bags, 
but it's really made of the kraft-tex kraft paper fabric. I love this stuff!

It's washable, so I'll use it for awhile, then wash it.  I'm interested to see how my paint will hold up. 
 I sealed it before sewing so hopefully it will stand the test of time.
It's simple, with a zipper on the top and lined interior but no handles, pockets or anything fancy.

This bag is the biggest bag and has two layers of Insul-Brite (The Warm Company) on the interior, with a vinyl lining. The vinyl lining doesn't thrill me and I don't think I will use it again.  Fabric lining is better and makes it easier for machine washing. 

 Both fabric bags have a double pocket for napkins, silver ware etc.  
The double layer of Insul-Brite in addition to a lunch sized ice pack is perfect for 
keeping cold items cold.  

So hurry up, make some lunch pails and bring your lunch to work a day in May (and after.)

May is Celiac Awareness Month but that's really not the only time for awareness.  
Approximately1out of every 150 persons is diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the only way to manage Celiac Disease is with a 100% gluten-free diet.  If you think you might have CD or have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity see your doctor first, then a nutritionist for help. 
It's not about what you can't eat, it's what you can eat to feel better!

Happy Sewing! 
Healthy Eating!

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Debra Spincic said...

Great bags for any occasion!