August 2, 2014

Novelty Heirloom

 July is our Guild's yearly challenge reveal.  The challenge was a "novel idea" and could be interpreted as desired.  There were awesome challenge quilts this year. The projects are hung anonymously and its fun to try and guess who did what. 
It was a great meeting.

 I used a novelty fabric which was a vintage linen napkin that was dyed.  It had a pretty edge treatment of tiny flowerlike shapes and an eyelet in between each.  Not liking that the batting showed through the eyelet, I stitched a sequin and bead to cover it and a complimentary bead on the flower. 

The finishing treatment was tricky in that I didn't want to turn any of the napkin edge over for a binding or facing. I decided to stitch up to about a little less than a 1/4" from the edge, trim my batting back to the stitching then trim and fold in the backing to meet the edge.  A button hole stitch went around the edge making a seamless finish on the front and back.  Initially, I started to hand quilt this project which would have really been a novel idea.  It looked awful, so I promptly pulled it out and machined it.

Yesterday was our Art Squared Quilt group's reveal and our challenge word was heirloom.  I will post my novelty heirloom quilt over there.  I had started a different vintage napkin quilt for that challenge, but unfortunately, I marked it with an air erasable marker (and I know better than to leave it for too long).  When I went back to finish my project, the marker had erased itself. Eventually, I'll go back remark it and finish it.


Roberta Ciaramicoli said...

Kathy -- Love it!! The colors are amazing and I just wish I could of seen it in person!!
Roberta Ciaramicoli

Lynn said...

I love it - the color is great and what a wonderful idea to use an old napkin. The quilting is the icing on the cake!

Patricia L Walters said...

I Love the Novelty Heirloom quilt with great colors you posted! I Like the idea of using a wonderful old napkin as a quilt top.