March 22, 2009

Catching up.....

---Go ahead and lie down to look at this picture. I can't get it to go straight---

This is my little MQX challenge entry. I have had fun with it. You may remember I posted a drawing and some of the beautiful fabrics, awhile ago. Challenge requirements were- to use the fabrics and a Victorian theme. I went with a crazy patch border, broiderie purse (sp) and a birdcage. Still adding beads and of course the binding waits to the nth hour and I know I will be stitching that down as I'm driving to the post office to mail it out.... So typical.

True confessions.... I ripped the quilting out of the back ground, I think- three times. It's going to a machine quilter's show.... I have to show some knowledge of machine quilting, don't I? .... And that's probably why I can't get the photo to straighten out - it's just mirroring the permanent crick in my neck.

I totally missed posting about this adorable ATC, I received it when the computer was messed up and I lost the first photo.... anyway, I traded cards with Terri. Go to her blog and check out her ATC swap collection and all the other cool stuff she is up to. In the future, I would love to host an ATC swap. They are truly little gems.

Julie sent me this nice piece of framed art for leaving a comment on her blog. She used pretty stitching and textured materials. The art is inside a glass frame; the reflection doesn't show the piece very well. Check out what Julie is up to here.

I've been chewing over some designs for my Guild's raffle quilt when this came to me one night. I had to get up and sketch it out. I'm pretty sure this will be my final decision with some feather fill work around the applique panels. One of the panels is shown in a previous post and the borders will be pieced triangles. Isn't it funny when you can think about something forever, and then all of sudden what you were looking for comes to you? I will practice out this design to get it to fit, my mission is to get it to be continuous as much as I can.
I have a picture of the pieced block. It's pretty, I'll post it when I can.

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Vicki W said...

I love your challenge quilt and the background quilting looks awesome!

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could have the link to visit yours! I think the quilting in your MQX piece is lovely! Good luck!

McIrish Annie said...

your MQX piece is wonderful! Hope I get a chance to see it in person!

ivoryspring said...

Lovely, lovely! The bird in the cage is adorable!

beewitchinstitchin said...

The birdcage quilt is beautiful; you did a very nice job on the background quilting. Thanks for sharing.