December 6, 2009


.....arrived last night.
I tried to play with some settings on the camera to capture the snowflakes. 

Remember when there were only three stations on your tv (aka the olden' days)?  Around midnight the stations would go off the air, the National Anthem would play, you'd see colored stripes and then the snow static? 

This looks like hair.

Out the window this morning was a winter wonderland.

The CPP was winter for this week. Perfect. 


Debra said...

You can keep the snow. We had a brief dusting & that was plenty for me for a few years!

Vicki W said...

Great photos!

Jaye said...

Thanks for participating in the CPP. Any of the winter/snowfall photos you took would work for the CPP. I do like your snowflakes. Thanks for sharing.

Sherri said...

Do you use charcoal to make the background look so dark on the snowflake CPP?

I love snow...but not driving in it, so I think I will stay south and try to avoid most of it again. :)