January 19, 2012

the forest floor

This is one of the fun projects on my work table.

  It's a hand painted mini art quilt.

 It's still in the beginning stages and nothing is finished about it, not even the brown background. 
I know I want brown, but not that one.

The Guild I belong to has it's quilt show in March. (check here)  We host a little silent auction of member's work.  This piece will be in the auction.

I've been looking at some of my photos and drawing out leaf and flower shapes into my sketch pad.  Then I transfer the shape over to cloth using my chalk pencil.  The cloth is doubled and stuck together with Misty Fuse.  The elements are cut out after painting and will remain raw edged.  
Dimension and quilting will be added at the end.


WoolenSails said...

I love the shading on the pieces. I have not tried misty fuse, but someone sent me some to try, so I will have to see how I like it. I do like how yours look, not bulky like the fusibles I have used.


Joan said...

Your imagination is terrifuc and I always admire how you get things done.