January 5, 2012

new work

plain white muslin quilted

 painted white with gesso and left in the sunny window to dry
 the sun went in

  eventually it dried

so then it could be painted with shades of brown
and then left to figure out the next step

This is part of the Fiberactions color challenge which is due 1/15/12
-check back then and see what this has become and what the other members have created. 


What Comes Next? said...

gorgeous quilting! I can't wait to see the final reveal.

Vicki W said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see this! I love all of the quilting motifs

Deb Levy said...

Great quilting variety Kathy, can't wait to see the end result!

Joan said...

Stunning quilting !! Will chack back to see how it turns out.

Quilt Rat said...

WHOA!!!! This is looking amazing!