April 4, 2014

paper krafting

Have you heard of kraft-tex kraft paper fabric?
It's cool stuff.
It sort of feels like leather but it's paper.
You can decorate it anyway you want
and it's washable.

It comes in Natural and I think black and white now.  Mine is natural.
I doodle painted a piece of it with acrylic inks and textile medium.
Then made a bag.
It is like leather as it will perforate with a needle so the inside was quilted instead of the outside.

Another piece was decorated with water pastels,

then cut and glued to the cover of my new sketch journal.  
I sprayed this piece with a sealer because I didn't want to wait for the pastels to cure.

 Awhile ago I needed a folder for some quilting designs so I made one with the kraft paper.  
Water pastels were used here too and they held up fine and the folder has too.  
It's stitched together with stitched in pockets as well.

I'm always looking for cool stuff to use with my art.  
This kraft - tex kraft paper fabric by C&T Publishing didn't disappoint.  


MOM said...

Very Clever!!!!


Jaye said...

Love your drawings. I think the details you put in between flowers etc are part of the charm. The paper/leather sounds really exciting.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where can buy it pls?