July 19, 2009

Creative Prompts

Yesterday, there wasn't anything scheduled on the calendar, or, if there was- we forgot to do it. We got some things done around here and then just hung out. It was nice. I grabbed the doodle book and drew out a few of the creative prompts I have seen offered by

Using only paper, pencil and eraser (sparingly) I did the first few. There are, 23-I think. I'd like to catch up. Now that I see the photos, I may use an ink pen to darken them. There is no plan in the works for these doodles, but fun, nonetheless.

And I loved the colors of this.


Quilt Rat said...

These are great I love your responses to the creative prompts. I got started a little late but am totally hooked and trying to catch you can't doodle just one :-)

Jaye said...

I am really happy that you joined the project. I love your efforts in this post. Keep up the good work

Jaye said...

I can't tell you how much I love your 'Time' response. I had to come back and look again. Thanks for participating.