July 17, 2009

Guild Show-n-Tell

The Raffle Quilt.

I promised a full photo when the quilt was finished.

The raffle committee hung the quilt at Guild on Thursday for all to see. It's a beautiful quilt. Several members pieced the blocks, a group of talented women did allllllll the applique work with the flowers and leaves being reverse applique and I quilted it. Chance tickets will be available shortly. The raffle quilt is a major fund raiser for our Guild, in addition to our yearly dues and our biannual quilt show.


The gals holding this pretty comfort quilt are my friends (aka sistahs) Susan and Sharon. As posted about earlier, they did the piece work then I quilted it. We are giving it to a mutual friend of ours who has been ill. Sue developed the pattern and a great template to make this quilt. More info on that later....


The Guild awards a scholarship to a local, high school, senior and this young, talented lady is the 2009 recipient. She came to our meeting on Thursday night, and here she is showing her first quilt. I understand she wants to become a fiber artist. How exciting.


Beena said...

The raffle quilt is amazing. Looks like it was very labor intensive.
I have wanted to join one of the many guilds here in this area, but not sure I'd be able to attend the meetings with my chaotic life.
Looks like you belong to a great one!

Kay said...

That really is a beautiful raffle quilt. Should be easy to sell the tickets!

Debra said...

What a fabulous raffle quilt!