August 11, 2010

the geese are flying. . .

. . .well, not quite yet.
And I'm not one to rush summer. Ever. 

But this quilt surely makes me think of fall.
(I lowered the lights a little for the picture, the dark cream colored fabric is more of a creamy white)

It's my friend LindaB's and she has been making some really great quilts, lately.
This one she will be gifting soon.

It's for a guy.
What a special gift and on the back she used this rich, chocolate brown flannel.
It's the best brown colored fabric I've seen.
Some might call it delicious.

The whole while I worked on it and advanced the quilt on the rollers -  
                                                 I couldn't help but think of this. . .

Happy Quilting!


Quilt Rat said...

in a word........DELICIOUS!!!!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

oooh yummmmmmmmmy!

Quilts and Cats said...

I just love flying geese! The oak leaf quilting is spectacular. The picture with the lights low is a great one and who ever recieves this quilt is a very lucky person.

Deb H said...

The quilt is beautiful, but darn it, now I want a S'more!