August 6, 2010

the man clutch . . .

. . . so the 'ole man turned 51 yesterday. And I do say that endearlingly as I'm not far behind on the mark.

I custom made him a man clutch for his new iPad.

I fused a piece of black wool felt to a scrap of muslin and used all sorts of paints to add color to the felt.
I used foil, Angelina fibers, embossing powder and layered black Misty Fuse over the top.

The buckle is a vintage buckle upcycled from a bag of buckles I picked up at a consignment shop, dirt cheap.
(see honey? i do use that junk I bring in)

The iPad fits in nicely.

Below, is the back of the clutch and you don't see the gold blobs on the fabric. The gold blobs are covering a mistake.  I accidently grabbed a piece of tracing paper instead of parchment when I went to press over the flap... I had made this mistake before so I knew immediately what I had done. 
Misty Fuse fuses to tracing paper and releases from parchment.

Below you can see how the tracing paper looked when I pealed it off.
  I was almost finished and didn't want to have to start over by making more fabric. . .

. . . so I put some of this gold leaf stuff over the areas where I couldn't pick off the fused tracing paper and then added some more embossing powder.

I didn't have enough black Misty Fuse to do the back so that is the original fabric.

A one of a kind - man clutch.


Deb Levy said...

very cool Kathy! If only my ipad lived in such neat digs, lol!

Connie Rose said...

Awesome, Kathy!

ju-north said...

Lovely! Hope you kept that tracing paper!

Debra said...

Super and so original! I hope your hubby appreciates his man clutch.

Vicki W said...

That is fabulous!

Cheryl said...

Beautifully done. I think it could be a babe clutch too-edgy and cool!