August 19, 2010

melissa's quilt times 2

Last year, together with Sharon and Sue, we made this for our friend Melissa. Since then, Sue has developed patterns and tools for making Melissa's Quilt and other designs. 
Sue travels to quilt shows and guilds demonstrating her methods and techniques.  She recently finished a duplicate of Melissa's Quilt for her trunk shows and I quilted it for her.

The above picture is the original when it hung in our Thimble Pleasures 2010 quilt show and below is the duplicate.  yikes, that is blurry.

Sue will be vending at the World Quilt Show-New England this week.  If you are attending the show, I hope you plan to visit Sue in her booth.

- - - - - -
I'm sure many of you can appreciate the quilt below.
I made it about 10 years (?) ago when I started quilting.  Strangely, my husband and maybe yours could be any one of those guys. . . although, mine doesn't wear plaid pants (yet).


[pattern:  Male Bonding by Jukebox]


Deb Levy said...

such a pretty quilt! And those feathers of yours are gorgeous!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Gorgeous quilt and love your feather quilting.

Quilt Rat said...

That quilt is GORGEOUS!!! and of course the quilting is devine

but those men? Ha........I wish, my hubby stands just feet away from me and shuffles impatiently from foot to foot. I gotta find that bench for him next time :-)

Debra said...

You would never find my hubby at a quilt show.

I wish your friend lots of luck with her pattern and equipment business. Your quilting would inspire anyone to buy the pattern!

Kay said...

My hubby goes to shows--sometimes. But the guys remind me of my father, who always waited so patiently.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

ahhhhh I needed some eye candy tonight. You always have some! Beautiful!!