March 16, 2011

almost the final stage

The quilting and decorative stitching are complete on the garden quilt.

Below you can see the quilt being blocked.  I don't want the piece getting soaked, so instead I heavily steam it, pull it into submission, square up the sides and corners and pin it.  It stays pinned until completely dry.

It will get bound before the 3-d applique elements and beads are attached.  Once everything is in place, it will get blocked again.


grannyanne said...

The flowers are gorgeous! I only wish I could do this but as I am just starting to understand quilting and finishing, this is a goal that I could set for myself to learn all about.

ju-north said...

These snippets are so tantalising! Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt

Deb H said...

Wow, it looks beautiful already!