March 26, 2011

when friendship, art, work, and inspiration meet it all spills over.
it's good. 
all good.

-yesterday the susans and the ks met at sueb's studio and we had our second sketch-in.
-we are as much alike as we are different and it's fun to sit side by side with such talented gals and share.
-just to keep it from getting too serious i worked my sketch with my smencils.
-nope, that wasn't a typo. smencils are scented pencils.
-they are great, fun, # 2 pencils made of recycled paper.
love them!

-after that, i met up with a freind/client who i did some quilting for.
-our eyes nearly spilled over as she shared a story with me and i'll be thinking about her today.

-then i did some last minute work on the garden quilt.
-nature spilled over into the sketchbook and then onto fabric.
-with only a few thread deatails left this project will be finished.

-and then i got together with some more talented gals and the quilting inspiration was spilling over in all directions.
-all bring something different to the table and i love it all from those who can sew perfectly straight seams  to those that can match color like nobody's business. 
-love it and glad to be part of it.
-i messed around with an applique pattern i want to start.
-i used the magic mirror and sue's templates to work out some ideas.

-on the tips of the tree this morning i noticed the tiniest of buds.
-soon they will be spilling over with leaves
i. can't. wait.

-happy spring.


Deb H said...

The sketching & quilting are great.
I love the chickadee. My favorite little birds.

I'm looking forward to our date at Sue's & meeting you all in person!

Quilt Rat said...

wow what a great post.........where do I start? The sketches are terrific. I especially love the basket of fabrics, your client's quilt looks absolutely gorgeous and those little birdies.....well I adore little birdies...I can almost hear the happily chirping in the warm spring sunshine.