September 28, 2011

inching into autumn

while finishing the inchie quilt.

I will quilt it using beautiful Kimono Silk thread by Superior Threads  

Then add the inchies.  
The dragonfly is made by my friend Joyce.  Earlier in the year Guild friends made and swapped inchies.  We are all making little quilts with them and then we will show them at our quilt show in 2012.
It will be a neat display.

 -off the frame is Jane's pretty and large quilt-

and somebody got some custom made accessories

 then capitalized on something when items from the unfinished cupboard were overhauled.

-he's thinking-
 with a face like this she'll never notice the leg and tail tucked into the studio 
(where she says I'm not allowed)....

- - - - 

and inching into Soxtober
 we Sox fans get to live another day
Thank You 
Ryan RedHotLava-rnway
Alfredo A-Saveus


WoolenSails said...

Love your pup, he is so cute and his accessories are wonderful.


Superior Threads said...

I love the Inchies. Kimono Silk is the perfect thread, I agree. What a cute idea. I think our friendship group would love them. And, your pup is just adorable. Those sweet eyes....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
Your pup is really getting big...he is so cute.

Hugs, mom

Debra Spincic said...

Such a familiar face--who can resist? and who wants to?