September 15, 2011

-textures of life-

 Today is the Fiberactions Group reveal day.
Our theme word is texture and this is named

Textures of Life

The seed pod theme and color way were revisited as well as using the vintage, hand pieced blocks (shown at the bottom and used with the last challenge.)

This is a traditional three layer quilt which was constructed with a top, batting, backing and then quilted.  Gesso was painted over the finished quilt, background color was added, the pods were masked then painted and stitched.

 The thread did the work and maybe for the first time embellishment was not added for texture.

 Head on over to Fiberactions and check out the challenges as they are posted throughout the day.


WoolenSails said...

Your piece is gorgeous, love the design and the fabric choices.


Deb H said...

What a great way to use sad old blocks that would never otherwise find a use. It really is a beautiful work of art. I love how the under blocks add a subtle background texture. Your painting & quilting are both divine!

Elizabeth said...

I love this piece!!!! Wherea re you finding the vintage quilt blocks to work with// I ahve quilted first and then painted later but I lvoe the idea of reusing old quilts as back grounds!! Your color choices are also stunning!!! What paints are you using if you don't mind my asking?? So ahppy to ahve found your blog. would love to ahve you hop on over and visit mine- I am a fiber and fabric and surface design addict as well!!!

Debra Spincic said...

You really disguised those old blocks! Such a pretty piece.