May 15, 2012

allium fields

 Today is color challenge 3 reveal for the Fiberactions art quilt group.

The theme this period: 
split compliment

The color chosen was yellow/green and it's split compliments 
 red and violet.

This piece started as a piece of plain white pfd fabric and was painted using textile paints.  Once dry it was fused to a firm stabilizer, then completely quilted.
The last photo shows the back of the piece after most of the stitching 
and you can see no backing was used.

Silk fibers were felted directly to the painted and quilted ground.

Lastly, embroidery threads and bias cut silk fabric were stitched.
Piping was added, then the piece was stitched to black silk fabric which was fused to a stiff stabilizer.

The allium flower is a delightful looking flower with it's perfectly round shape. It grows from a single bulb and is related to the onion/garlic family.

It's meaning is
unity, humility and patience.

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McIrish Annie said...

Sew cool! I love the look of the back. It came out great