May 4, 2012

focus friday feature

Dicentra Spectabilis
Bleeding Heart, one of my favorite plants.  

A shade garden gift

that keeps on giving.

Did you know inside the flower are all sorts of treasures?

Mom, remember when we walked the roadside from Gramma's to Place's,
 there were big bleeding heart bushes? 
I think they belonged to the house next to Gram's   
and we weren't supposed to pick the flowers. 
But I did it anyway.

When the flower starts to open it looks like a princess with pigtails.

Pull the flower apart and find some of her magical treasures.

two pink bunnies, 
or sometimes they looked like pink swans 
or even pink whales

a pretty pendant.
 when the pendant is pulled apart and you get it just right
you find
a musical lyre with silk strings

i couldn't get it this time

 i got her earrings

ice skates.

 sometimes they look like silk slippers

or even a pair of garden shovels.

the best is her magic wand

look closely at the tip-
it's a tiny star!

 perfect little shade garden treasures

when you see a bleeding heart plant
go ahead and pick a little flower, 
(i won't tell)
see how many hidden treasures you can find.

you can find a story about the treasures here
i don't remember this story,
but i'm guessing i liked making my own up anyway.

Happy Shade Garden Planting!


jenclair said...

I love bleeding hearts and your pictures are so lovely and whimsical!

mom said...

Yes, I do days. I forwarded your blog to the Place's!! xo

Connie Rose said...

Beautiful! And all those plant parts are plants' naughty bits. The whole purpose of flowers, if you don't know (which you might), is to attract pollinators. Simply amazing, aren't they!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. I just shared this with my 2 GD's aged 3 and 6. The 6 yo loves it! I guess this Gram is going to have less bleeding heart blossoms now.

Anonymous said...

The bledin hrrs are kol

from my grand daughter who's in Kindergarten.