November 27, 2012

giving new life to old stuff

Somehow my take no days off November turned into take a week + off.
. . .  was away for a few days, then out of town friends were in, then the visiting, then the holiday, then the sick kid . . .    all left no time for posting, 
 there still was a little time everyday for creating.
So I did.
And all was good.

Something I've wanted to do for awhile is make a bracelet from one of the old spoons in my collection.
I used one of the smaller spoons that was well used and had a lot of scratches.
I love how it came out.

Dad always tells me "don't throw the good stuff out."  I usually do anyway and he knows it. 
But, I'm glad I listened this time  - 
a quick trip to the garage provided the kid's old wooden bat and it worked perfectly as a bracelet mandrel.  

 Then I came across my husband's old Little League bat . . . which really has nothing to do with anything other than - 
 I guess back then a new bat meant some wood glue and a screw.

And finally, none of this has anything to do with quilting, 
although, the pretty designs on the spoon and wood grain of the bats would make pretty stitching patterns.
It's all how you look at things.

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