November 15, 2012

neutral ground

Today is the Fiberactions group challenge reveal.
Our theme this time was neutral, limiting our palette to whites, blacks, grays and browns.

 My piece started as tattered, vintage quilt squares which were stitched together and given a good press.  The stitched blocks were layered with batting and backing, then quilted lightly with a freehand open swirl design.

The quilted blocks were then painted with gesso and various textile paints

 I made a pattern to imitate a milk weed pod.  
The pods were made with two layers so both the inside and outside of the pod showed the 'right side' of the fabric.
  Wire was stitched into the front seam, the pods could be molded into shape.

Embroidery and fancy threads were used to decorate the pods with french knots of pearl cotton.

 Clothes line covered in fabric made the stems.
Silk rods and roving were used inside of the pods.  
And the seeds are real seeds from a milk weed.

I have been wanting to make a piece inspired from milk weed and this challenge seemed like the perfect platform to do so.

Check out the Fiberatctions site and see all the neutral works.


Diane Wright said...

Those milk weed pods are brilliant! This may be my favorite challenge. Loving the results.

Vicki W said...


McIrish Annie said...

This is beautiful! what is the size of this piece? and what kind of old blocks did you use? the gesso and paint covers the fabric? interesting way to use up "fugly" blocks which I have a drawer full

Corina said...